We create nature inspired skin care that are gentle and efficacious while serving to remind you that you are valued and loved.

The world ushers for haste but we believe in slowing down. With each glide of a serum or a press of moisturiser we encourage slow, intentional movements.

Through daily care with our products, you will bring the best version of yourself to the world around you.


5% of our proceeds goes to support Roslin Orphanage.

Ensuring these children grow up in a loving and safe environment is the heartbeat of our brand.

Each time you delight your skin with our products, you are helping to pave a brighter future for these children.

This is self-care-beyond-self.


  • Magical product

    "My sensitive skin just loves this moisturiser. Beautiful soft and light texture, non-greasy and easily absorbed. So glad I found this!"

    - Sharleen loving Soufflé.

  • Saved my skin

    "I have sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis and contact dermatitis. Nothing corrected the skin or even provided minor relief. Enter - Ora. This oil sinks straight into the skin, giving moisture where it is needed. It soothed the swelling, redness and irritation. I have tried a range of products and nothing has ever come close."

    - Gloria loving Ora.

  • Helps perk eye area

    “Been using this for around 5 years as my eye serum. It's helped prevent some fine lines. It definitely feels nice as product glides on. Love the ingredients, packaging and ethics of Salt+Glow and will continue to buy. My loyalty may extend to a decade at this rate!"

    - Kate loving Awaken Eye Serum.