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An absolutely magical product. My sensitive skin just loves this moisturiser. Beautiful soft and light texture, non greasy and easily absorbed. So glad I found this!

Sharleen: loving Souffle Moisturiser

This product legitimately saved my eyes. For context, I have sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis, contact dermatitis and some heavy duty allergies. I loved having lash extensions. Naturally, I ended up with beautiful lashes, but the eyes and skin around the eyes of a 110 year old. Nothing corrected the dermatitis, or even provided minor relief and I was living on steroids and topical cortisone. Enter - Ora. This oil sinks straight into the skin, giving moisture where it is needed. It soothes swelling, redness, irritation and itching. I have lost the lashes now (although they left me with a legacy of constantly inflamed eyes) but I have not been able to lose the Ora - nor do I ever want to. I have tried a range of products and nothing has ever come close. After a lifetime of cortisone treatments, I now only use topicals sporadically and have not needed to take steroids at all - and yes, I attribute this to Ora. Absolute magic, all purpose, fix all for skin that struggles with life.

Gloria: loving Ora Ultimate Face Oil.

Been using this for around 5 years as my day time eye serum. Helps perk eye area up and keeps it moisturised. I do think it’s helped in preventing some fine lines. It definitely feels nice regardless as product glides on. Love the ingredients, packaging and ethics of Salt + Glow and will continue to buy. Who knows, maybe my loyalty will extend to a decade at this rate!

Kate: loving Awaken Eye Serum.

I have been looking for a natural fragrance for a long time. It is hard to find one that doesn't smell weird and hippie-ish. This scent is so wonderful, soft and soothing. It doesn't last long on the skin, which is to be expected, as it doesn't have any of those synthetic chemicals in it. Highly recommend this scent.

Helene: loving Amore Elixir Oil.

The Awaken Eye Serum does exactly what it says - "Coffee for your eyes." It wakes me up in the morning. I can glide it on with the cool roller ball and eases tension around my tired eyes. It smooths out fine lines, reduces puffiness and has reduced my dark circles as well. Will be repurchasing for sure!

Jess: loving Awaken Eye Serum.

I had ongoing issues with dry cracked lips. Started using the Be Still lip balm before bed and problem solved!!
Will buy this regularly and use it every night.

Natasha: loving Be Still Lip Balm.