Are your products natural?

We choose plant-based ingredients that are derived from a plant, bark, flower, fruit or seed. We use certified organic ingredients wherever possible. 

Our products are vegan friendly and cruelty-free.

Our products are free from harmful toxins, parabens, harsh chemicals, artificial colours, artificial fragrances and synthetic preservatives.

How long until I see a difference?

Our skin cells regenerates every 28-40 days. We recommend you commit to a full month of using the products to properly assess if our products assimilate with your skin. As your skin accustoms to the range, your skin is likely to undergo a detoxification process where it will begin its healing journey by firstly expelling toxins before the repair and smoothing process takes place. Be patient, good things take time.

I have sensitive skin/allergies/am pregnant, can I still use your products?

Everyone has different sensitivities and our sensitivities change with the seasons and as we age. We highly recommend you to read the ingredient list carefully and do a patch test if you are susceptible to sensitivity.

Consult a health care professional with the ingredients as they have a better understanding of your condition.

Salt And Glow is not liable for any skin reactions.

When do your products expire?

Natural products generally have a shorter shelf life than commercial products. For this reason, we recommend that you use our products within 3-6 months of opening and store the products in a cool place, out of direct sunlight. This will prolong the efficacy of the ingredients.

Unopened, our products will be good for 9-12 months.

What should I do with the empty packaging?

Our packaging is all reusable and mostly recyclable.

Our mailing satchels are compostable, simply remove the label and pop the bag into your compost and it will breakdown over time.

Our boxes are made from cardboard and you can reuse or recycle it.

Our packing peanuts are made from 100% biodegradable corn and wheat starch. You can pop these into your compost bin, or save later for your own packing needs.

Our bottles and jars are mostly glass or PET plastic which you can wash and reuse or recycle. 

Do you test on animals?

We only test on humans and not animals.

We love your products, do you offer wholesale?

Yes, we do! Simply contact us and let's work towards a positive partnership together.