Our Cause

One important thing on my heart is radiating the message that you are brave, valued and so loved!

A visit to Roslin Orphanage in Kupang, Indonesia was one of the most rewarding and humbling experience. There was such an overflow of joy and love from the children.

Their simple ways not only taught me to be more grateful of what I already have, but my eyes were opened to the needs of others even more. During the visit, I accustomed myself to what life really was like there. I ate what the children ate, showered how they showered and washed my clothes by hands as well.

We easily take everyday things like hot showers, appliances, technology and even clothes for granted. The children use a large tub of water that has been drawn out from underground wells, a pail to scoop the water and a bar of soap to clean themselves. They own one pair of shoes for school and mostly go about bare footed and parts of the ground are very rocky and hot to step on. Their clothes have been passed down from one age group to the next, many are wearing worn out clothes. They don’t have iPads to play with, instead, they read books, play with skipping ropes, empty tin cans, sticks, and of course they have each other's company.

These children take nothing for granted and they have the most enthusiastic attitude towards learning. They are independent and always wear a smile on their faces despite their circumstances.

There are over 170 children of all ages from newborns to young adults. Each one requires three meals a day, clean water, education materials, clothing, a place to rest and most of all love. The selfless family of five who run this orphanage has inspired me to see that these children deserve just as much as any other children and that they will do whatever it takes to ensure all the children’s needs are met. Funds are becoming a shortage to keep this home running.

On returning from Indonesia, it was put on my heart to raise awareness and give what I can from Salt+Glow's profit into helping these precious lives. I truly believe together, we can help ensure these children live in a loving, well cared-for environment and grow up to be world-changers!
It is my hope that you know how much you are appreciated, because whenever you are enjoying the products, you are effectively supporting this ever-growing family. Thank you so much beautiful ones!

Love Always,
Roxy xo